Game Night

I love games! Board games, card games, dice games. Action games, strategy games, adventure games, puzzle games. Worker-placement, dice-drafting, roll and move, card-drawing, cooperative play. I love it all! I love that games bring people together (and temporarily tear them apart when things get really competitive). I also love giving recommendations. With that in mind,Continue reading “Game Night”

quarantined? write a post!

It’s been a month since I have posted anything. At first, I was really frustrated with myself. Then I came to accept that it wasn’t for lack of desire, but a true lack of time. Writing has increased on my priority list; however it still remains subordinate to my spiritual walk, my job as aContinue reading “quarantined? write a post!”

How to Take on Tests with Confidence – Part 3

The test is over. The result cannot be changed. BUT that does not mean that it’s time to forget about it and move on! I have been hinting of the last two steps throughout my previous posts. Once the test is over you must reflect on how you prepared for and executed the test andContinue reading “How to Take on Tests with Confidence – Part 3”

How to Take on Tests with Confidence – Part 2

4. Look at the whole test. In the Classroom I have three types of students when it comes to initial test reaction. The first group of students stare at their tests with a look of utter betrayal. How dare this test infringe upon their pleasant day of social interaction… that just happens to take placeContinue reading “How to Take on Tests with Confidence – Part 2”

How to Take on Tests with Confidence – Part 1

In school, I was always a good test taker. I remember once reading somewhere that the educational system was designed to make more teachers. The students that did the best in school were best fit to become teachers. I don’t think that’s entirely true, but it worked out for me. Unless you’re weird (like me)Continue reading “How to Take on Tests with Confidence – Part 1”